Who are we?

Parents as Teachers™ is an internationally recognized program that seeks to empower the families of young children prenatal to age three in their home environment and in community playgroups. This program is one of the free early childhood services offered to families in the community by the Lewis Cass Intermediate School District.

What do we do?

We invite you to be a part of a partnership designed for you and your child! Our specially trained educators travel to your home to support your role as a parent and your child’s development. You’ll have an individualized program designed for your parenting style with screenings, resources and referral networks as part of the plan. We’ll use everyday activities in your home that help your child learn and grow. When you aren’t certain of your next step as a parent, we will help you sort out the best way to help your family and your child stay strong.

With PAT Group Connections, we offer playgroups September-May, with special family gatherings in the summer. There, families meet each other and learn about topics of relevance in a highly interactive, play-based environment. Please come for the free books and snacks, too!

Why does it matter?

Families who participate in Parents as Teachers™ have children who are healthier and are more ready for learning later on, leading to more positive outcomes in life.

To apply for entry to the program, please click here: Early Childhood Programs and Services Online Intake.